A Day In The City Outfit Of The Day

Hello beautiful people! Today I thought I’d share with you all a simple but cute ootd. I recently went to the city & it was a cool breezy Summer day. Hope you all enjoy this outfit, let me know by liking & commenting your fave pieces! All info will be down below with similar options, as well as direct links. ūüėČ

CqvfBvCW8AIOwf8CqvejR-WAAAY7Z-CqvfBvCW8AENl7PCqvejR-W8AA5hRKCqvejR-XgAAAKGwCqvejR-WcAECVn1August 19th, 2016

Outfit Details: Blouse: H&M SOLD OUT: Similar & Another Option, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Shoes: H&M SOLD OUT: Similar, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Vintage Balenciaga Mini 2005 Similar, Pouf: Ebay, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. 

So here’s a quick rundown of the outfit & my day last Friday!

I was headed to the movies as always to see War Dogs, which was amazing you should check it out if you haven’t already! Anywho, my friend & I had some time to kill so we decided to get some Jamba Juice I haven’t had it in years & was craving it. Although it was a mission & a half to get there since it was inside of Penn Station which by the way is far from¬†fun. When we finally got there I didn’t see my usual drink until after I ordered so I rushed to the lady & she gave me the only attitude to change it, we were the ONLY one’s there also it wasn’t my fault they had 3 different menus all over the small cubical they call a store… she then told the girl making drinks & BAM she got¬†upset as if she had anything else to do, she hadn’t even started making the drink yet so there shouldn’t have been an issue I was really nice about it but I’m 95% sure she spit in my drink after that whole debacle… sigh… haha.

After we got our drinks we headed to take some ootd pics. Here is a bit of where I got my outfit as well as new additions to my bag collection! This blouse I purchased back in January from H&M it is my favorite blouse I wear it every chance I get it has a pretty floral pattern that is simple, clean & not so in your face, unfortunately it’s no longer available but I’ve linked some cool ones above from H&m, etc. These shoes are my other obsessions super simple & different although they are sold out as well buuut H&M has them in pink, all black & more, best part is they’re ALL on SALE right now for $7.99-$14.99, what are you waiting for?! Lastly, a moment of silence… you guys, I bought my first ever Balenciaga on my own, I will talk about it more in a separate post but it was a major steal I couldn’t pass up & vintage which is what I loved most, the only issue I have is the short strap which is why I’ve attached my Alexander Wang Rockie Strap onto it & it’s worked out for the meantime since I’m waiting for a bag strap in the mail… for almost a month now. More coming soon once I get it, but until then I shall leave you here. Thank you so much for coming to my blog & checking out my posts it means a lot!

Xx V.

My Style In Photos More Throwback OOTD’s #outfitoftheday

So here are a couple of¬†more pics I had on my found & thought although they didn’t make the Instagram, Youtube or Facebook cut they’ll be perfect for the blog! Hope you like these outfits! All details will be below each photo.


May 20th 2016:

Top: Rails , Jeans: Jet By John Eshaya, Bag: Luana Italy (Sold out but here are more options), Shoes: Target (SALE), Sunglasses: Rayban.

This photo was taken where I go to the movies I believe the movie we saw that day was Neighbors 2. It was a nice 80 degree spring weather which is why I wore pants! haha. I remember this outfit because I got a steal on this Rails Clothing Britt top on Poshmark originally $130 got it brand new with tags or $15! These pants were also a steal off Poshmark originally $200 got them for $20. As you can see I am a major thrifter especially with designer goods… I don’t know about you but I can’t justify spending that much on clothing. The shoes I wore aren’t shown in the picture but I’ve linked ¬†them above, they are just these espadrilles from Target that need to be replaced soon, right now the one’s I have are a year old so they’re no longer available but the new style is on sale for $12. Go get a pair! ūüėČ


April 28, 2016

Sweater: Sub_Urban Riot, Jeans: Frame Denim, Bag: Jet By John Eshaya, Sneakers: Nike, Sunglasses: Rayban

Here’s my “Model Off Duty” Ootd, on this day I had a photoshoot with my brother to take pictures for a Mother’s Day gift for well… our Mom! It was still chilly around this time so I had to dress warm although my photoshoot clothes were in my bag. As for what I am wearing… believe it or not 3 out of the items were thrifted. As you can see I like nice designer pieces but could never actually spend that kind of money on clothing as I am very frugal so I search high & low if I really want something. I got my Kale sweatshirt off of Threadflip which is no longer a site anymore but I scored this sweatshirt for $20 if I remember correctly which is a steal it was basically brand new it’s one of the company’s biggest hits with Celebrities costing about $64 on their site. I have another one in grey that I am currently selling on my Poshmark in a size xs not as big as this one but still cute. Now onto the jeans I’ve always wanted a pair of Frame Denim but that $200 price is a no-no for me… but I lucked out when I was at my local consignment shop & for these for $25 & they actually fit me! Lastley, this tote was something I’ve wanted for a while but the price was insane for a tote, one day I was browsing ebay & found it for $20, major score, no?! haha.

That is all for this post but I do have a few more to post before I post my vacation photos! Hope you guys like these outfits. Thank you for checking it out, it means a lot!

Xx, V.

Throwback FALL-WINTER OOTD’S (Outfit Of The Day)

So today I was going through my phone and realized I have so many pictures of my everyday style yet never posted them onto social media so I thought I should start doing a throwback style outfit of the day post all this week… I’m thinking two photos a day since I’ve been lacking inspiration lately! I hope you all enjoy my outfits I’ve put together, also share, like and comment! All links to the outfits will be below as well as small details on what made me put the outfits together!

Outfit #1:

CoO3ir0XEAAXkdeCoO3SoiWAAAQ-fd12-05-2015 Outfit Details: Shirt: Forever21 , Jeans: J. Brand, Shoes: JustFab (Similar), Watch: Michael Kors , Audrey Case: Ebay

This outfit was quickly put together back in December when the New York Fall-Winter was all over the place hot one day cold the next! I paired this simple outfit together with these cute burgundy boots I purchased from JustFab back in September 2015, they’re really comfy for a bootie with a pretty high heel. I can not wait to bust out my Fall clothes I am SOOOO over this Summer already!

Outfit #2:

CoO3So0WcAAz487     12-11-2015 Outfit Details: Blouse: Rainbow Shops SOLD OUT;  Similar, Jeans: Current/Elliott, Shoes: Mandee 2014 Similar Option: Rag & Bone, Necklace: Rainbow Shops

I love a relaxed kind of look during the Fall/Winter so when I paired this outfit together it was cute but also comfy and well put together. I loved how the booties were more of the pop of color instead of the blouse. I am definitely that person who always tucks in her shirt no matter what but this blouse is a high-low top and is a bit shorter in the front which is why I wish I went up as size but none the less I still love it, I even wear it with cut-off shorts during the summer. As for these booties I got them on a major sale 2 years ago at Mandee for $6! They still need to be a bit broken in but they’re definitely a staple in any girl’s wardrobe I posted a link to similar ones on their site as well as JustFab. Before I go melt away in this heat wave I must let you know that Rainbow is having a mega SALE in store and online that’s where I get a lot of my basics so get to it!

Happy Shopping! ūüėČ Til’ next time.


My Take On Tiffani Thiessen’s Appetizer Recipe #dinnerattiffanis

Hello, Hello, Hello, people of the world!

This post is for all of my FOODIE’s out there!

Today I decided to share with you my recreation of one of Tiffani Thiessen’s recipes, now there’s no ACTUAL name to this appetizer/snack but it looked yummy I decided to try it out for myself! I’m a huge foodie these days & extremely addicted to the Cooking Channel as well as the Food Network so I follow a lot of the celebrities, chefs & shows¬†on social media.

Brief summary¬†just in case you were wandering who is this Tiffani Thiessen I am talking about… which if you are, shame on you! She is an Actress/Model that is well known for playing Kelly Kapowski on Saved by The Bell & Valerie Malone on the Bev Hills 91210. Now that you’re all caught up she now has her own cooking show on the Cooking Channel called Dinner At Tiffani’s, it’s a must watch! From her fun vibe that makes you feel like you’re a guest, to her¬†great recipes (which I’m constantly testing out) & can’t forget¬†her great celebrity friends/guests that come over to her house where they help cook as well as eat! (For more info click on her name as well as the show)

Now that you’re all up to speed…

One day I was browsing on Facebook & came across this photo Tiffani had posted & I immediately said “I NEED to try that NOW!”, so I headed out to the local grocery store, which by the way was under major construction at the time & left me on a hunt for these ingredients… none the less I got everything I needed¬†& went home to recreate this recipe. After setting everything out on the counter I realized I mistakenly bought Dates instead of Fig which was the whole purpose of her sharing the recipe due to her growing her own Fig I believe. I guess since my head was clearly thinking about the amount of dates I wasn’t going on if that isn’t¬†sad enough I remember searching high & low for the Dates as well as making a lame joke about how the Dates didn’t have a date… Needless to say I made it work with everything else & you know what it came out just as yummy as I’m sure it would’ve with the Fig. In fact I ate all of them on my own not all at once but I could’ve easily done that as well! haha. Hope you all enjoy, everything you need is down below!

Here’s Tiffani’s Original Post: (Taken from her Facebook Page)CnIAgspXEAAezOf

My recreation: (I know mine isn’t as perfect but it’s all about the rustic vibe for me & I’d like to think I did a pretty good job!)


All Ingredients are all so simple & easy to get anywhere:

-French Bread (Toast on grill or pan like I did to give it that crispy texture)


-Fig or Dates


– Parmesan (Shredded)

-Olive Oil

-Honey (Just a drizzle)

You see it’s that simple & so good! Try it out & let me know how it goes.

Xx V

All About The Neutrals! Summery (#OutfitOfTheDay)


Cks729AXAAA8lGP     CmdikFxW8AEIQ3lCkpfM7lWYAAX3ddCmdmDuuWIAATdsf

Details: Shirt (Similar), Jacket: American Eagle 3 years ago (Similar), Pants: (Hue¬†or Find them on ebay for even cheaper) Shoes: SOLD OUT in Olive (H&M), Bag: (Luana Italy, Nordstromrack), Sunglasses: Mine were $2 but they’re a knockoff from (Sunday Somewhere) Pouf: (Similar), Jewelry: (Necklace & Bracelet)

Hey all!

¬† ¬†Today’s post is a simple OOTD (Outfit of the day)…

On this day it was a pretty chilly “summer” day & I was heading to the city 34th St to be exact to go to the movies with my friend Erica (you’ll meet her soon). We were off¬†to see Now You See Me 2 which by the way was amazing given the fact it was a sequel, you would’ve never known that’s how great it was. Anyways… I put this outfit together after struggling to find a way I can style¬†white jeans/pants & let me tell you it wasn’t easy! After a few outfit changes, throwing my whole closet all over my room & a mini breakdown, I finally found an outfit that I was comfortable in. I have never been one to venture out in white pants mainly because I personally feel like it makes everything wider than what they seem or so I thought. These faux white jeans are amazing also they suck in every imperfection & I only paid a whopping $11 BRAND NEW on ebay! I do have to say the only “downside” to these pants for me are the fact I need to roll them up (short people problems) but I don’t mind, I love the look.

¬† ¬†What I am wearing is simple all neutrals & affordable, even my bag which is by Luana Italy it was originally $299 & I scored this beauty at Nordstromrack for $150! It’s a nice leather bag & it’s simple not too in your face I recommend it for anyone wanting to venture into designer or buy a nice leather bag at a great deal. Did you think I wasn’t going to mention these new babies aka my espadrilles I found these online at H&M & fell in love with the colors, mustard yellow & olive green yes please! I got them for $8 & free shipping thanks to a coupon but they’re only $14.99 I couldn’t find them in store but online they have pink & black which is on my list. I love the simplicity in these shoes even the Chanel ones but I can’t really afford that just yet so if you’re like me & love a good bargain opt for these. All in all I tied this outfit together with a high ponytail which I rarely ever do but I loved the effortless vibe it gave to the outfit & to let you all in on a little secret… I literally woke up with my hair like that, not even kidding. No brush needed! Ha!

 Happy Shopping! Let me know your thoughts below!

Xx, V.

You NEED This Highlighter In Your LIFE! #marcglowstick

Hey everyone, so I was sent this Marc Jacobs Glow Stick for free to review & to share it with all of my fave people so I decided to get my shit together & blog about it! To start off I am NOT telling you this to kiss ass on Marc Jacobs although if they want they can send me more products to test out, I am ALWAYS honest with my reviews! Anyways… I was a bit skeptical because I am no beauty expert or one to rave about the new highlight or bronzer etc… but I gave it a try not only did Influenster just sent me this product for free they sent a FULL size which is not only amazing but it’s retail value is $42 highlighter & I got it for FREE, this marks the second Marc Jacobs Beauty item I’ve been sent that costs over $30 so insane I would NEVER spend that much on makeup… it’s going to last me a lifetime, I’m not even joking! ¬†All in all to sum it up it’s a perfect highlight for anyone out there like me that loves a natural subtle look not an overdone tacky disco ball look. (Pics provided below)

About the product: Natural Glow, Compact, Looks like a mini deodorant (But WAY cuter!), Unscented, Tons of Product, Simple, Pricy but WORTH it!

You can purchase this beauty here: Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator

Try it for yourself, I dare you. ūüėČ

Influenster info: It is a website where you get free shit, that’s right I said FREE shit, from all kinds of brands not only makeup you can be male or female to sign up. All you do to get qualified is just take surveys, review products you’ve tried or haven’t but want to, etc… it also helps if you have a YouTube Channel such as myself. I always do all the tasks they ask me to do after I get the item/items, but it’s not necessary. My video for this will be up Monday & it only a minute (just like my ex, ha!… I kid, not really…) but in all seriousness it’s short & to the point!

Sign up Here: www.influenster.com/r/59698

Here is a photo of proof if you don’t believe me:


Clldd_YXIAEkHzN.jpgThe proof is in the pudding… or in this case the photo!CmaEteFWIAAbu0o.jpgAnd another! No editing on either only the Glow Stick! & Yes, I was chugging down a much needed alcoholic beverage!¬†CmIpOJ6XEAAaJ90.jpg

Xx, V.

Helping Out A Charity While Getting Healthy Snacks For $9.99 A Month?!

Hey guys!

I wanted to share my latest obsession, I’ve been subscribed to Love With Food for almost a year now & it’s been amazing, don’t get me wrong there’s been some hits… as well as some misses but it’s a great way to try out some new healthier options both savory & sweet! I love snacking & with my skin reacting to any chips that have gluten or peanut oil it’s been hard but I guess good at the same time. What I love about this box is that you can choose what you want from a tasting box like the one I have or a deluxe box which is basically two of everything & some extra & lastly the Gluten Free box which is a bit more pricier but worth it for you Gluten Free lovers out there! What’s even more amazing about this box when you order a box a meal is donated to children in need, if that doesn’t win you over I don’t know what does! They also started company boxes where you can buy a box for your office to share after those long meetings! Here’s the latest box that was sent out for April… if you’d like to see past boxes I have a whole playlist on my YouTube channel! ALSO I have a coupon code where you get $5 OFF your first box!

SIGN UP HERE: Use my code for $5 OFF your FIRST box! http://lovewithfood.com/invite?


Here’s My Latest Video:

P.S. Hope you all at least check it out, it’s for a great cause & $5 off your first box is amazing for full size snacks!

Xx V